Meeting the Neighbours - Nancy & John


How Long Have You Been Involved With The Hub?

John And I took over ownership of The Hub in January this year after I had been working with the previous owner, Ross, for 7 years.

Why Did You Decide To Take Over?

When Ross announced his view of a successive planned exit from the hub and we discussed the idea i couldn't stop thinking about it. It was a new project, a new pathway and a new fun challenge. So we went for it! I feel like it was a natural transition for me. 

My husband John joined us at The Hub at this time as well. Working for an American corporate company prior for 15 years on and off, John brings his business knowledge and a "Looking from the outside in" view to the running of the business.

With his new found dishwashing skills John also does the administration side of the business.

Why Were You Keen To Come On Board For The Neighbours Dinner?

It is a great way to support each others business. Being a part of The Neighbours Dinner this year for us helps us at The Hub network with other industry businesses and work along side each other. 

Also, to be actively involved with supporting a local charity such as meals on wheels is a great way to channel funds back through our local community.


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